Should I Use Insurance to Replace My Windshield?

Facing a cracked windshield and wondering, “Should I use insurance to replace windshield?” You’re not alone. This common dilemma has drivers scratching their heads. In this guide, we’ll dissect the pros and cons of using insurance for windshield replacement.

should i Use Insurance to Replace My Windshield?

Introduction to Windshield Replacement

The importance of a clear windshield: A clear windshield isn’t just for aesthetics; it’s crucial for safe driving. From those unexpected pebbles to unforeseen accidents, damage can happen. The main question remains: “Should I use insurance to replace windshield?”

Common reasons for windshield damage: Temperature changes, accidents, vandalism, and just plain bad luck can be culprits.

Understanding Insurance Coverage for Windshield

Comprehensive coverage explained: Many car insurance policies offer comprehensive coverage that includes windshield damage. In such cases, events like hailstorms or unforeseen accidents won’t leave you stressed about replacement costs.

deductibles and what they mean for you: However, there’s the matter of deductibles. It’s the chunk you cover before insurance comes in. If the repair costs less than this, the expense is yours.

Benefits of Using Insurance for Windshield Replacement

Cost savings in the short term: If your deductible is manageable and the replacement cost steep, insurance is beneficial. Some policies even waive deductibles for windshields!

Assurance of professional service: Partnering with reputable service providers ensures quality. And if you’re looking for insurance insights, InsuranceReviews911 and their reviews section is a treasure trove.

Drawbacks of Using Insurance

Possible increase in premiums: Post-claim premium hikes can sting.

Dealing with claims and paperwork: The bureaucracy might test your patience.

Alternative Ways to Fix Windshield

Out-of-pocket replacement: Sometimes, paying directly avoids potential premium hikes.

Repair instead of replacement: Minor damages might only need repairs.

Making the Right Decision

Factors to consider: Deductibles, costs, future hikes – it’s a balancing act. But safety is paramount.

Seeking expert advice: Confused? Your insurance agent or trusted car blogs can help.

should i Use Insurance to Replace My Windshield?


“Should I use insurance to replace windshield?” isn’t just a question; it’s a financial and safety decision. Weigh the factors, and make the call.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can tiny windshield cracks be repaired instead of replaced?
    • Often, yes. Repairs can be both quicker and cheaper.
  2. Will my premium inevitably rise after a claim?
    • Not always, but it’s possible. Check with your provider.
  3. Is driving with a cracked windshield legal?
    • Depending on the crack’s size and location, and local laws.
  4. Do all insurance policies cover windshield replacements?
    • Most with comprehensive coverage do, but check the specifics.
  5. How long does a windshield replacement take?
    • Typically, a few hours, but best to check with your provider.

For deeper insights on insurance, NAIC and IRMI are valuable resources, or delve into the reviews at InsuranceReviews911.

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