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Frequency Asked Questions

Why Do We Give Out Giftcards?

Companies frequently give out free Giftcards to get people to test out their products in the hopes that that you will like the product and become a regular customer.

Does It Cost Any Money To Get The Giftcard?

These giftcards are completely free! No credit card is required at all when signing up to get them.

How Do I Sign Up To Get Cash APPLICATION Giftcard?

To get them you will just need to click the button below to visit the next page. On the next site you will be required to sign up and then fill out a quick survey before you can claim your Giftcard.

How Do I Get My Free Giftcards?

During the sign up process you will be required to enter your home address. We will ship the giftcard to that address after you complete the survey and choose the samples you want.

Do I Have To Pay For Shipping?

Nope! We ship the giftcards to you completely free, as we said before a credit card is not required to get your giftcard!

Can I Choose a Different Giftcard?

Sure, that is completely fine! If you end up not wanting a sample just choose a different sample on our sample selection page!

How Many Samples Can I Request?

At this time only one giftcard per person is allowed unfortunately, so choose your giftcard wisely!

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Giftcard?

We ship your giftcard out within one week of you completing the selection process, then shipping generally takes between 3-5 business days.

Can I Change Which Giftcard I Get After Submitting My Request?

You may contact support with a request to change the samples you want, but we can’t always honor your request. It depends on if we have already prepared your samples order to ship.

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