About insurance reviews 911

Insurancereviews911 is an innovative service for providing independent reviews of financial and insurance products available from all the major banks and insurance companies.

Save money by avoiding financial institutions and insurers with questionable reputations.

Read independent consumer reviews before you decide who to go with.

Registered users have the ability to write reviews, rate products, and vote on reviews. In order to ensure the quality of the reviews, moderators review all consumer reviews before they are published.

All reviews are anonymous so you will get a truly independent perspective from real consumers.

Nearly all insurers are covered by insurance, such as those for home insurance , auto insurance , motorcycle insurance , life insurance , disability insurance , critical illness insurance , health insurance ,group insurance and travel insurance . It includes reviews both of large, nationwide insurers, such as IntactAvivaTD InsuranceEconomical, and of regional providers, such as ICBC in British Columbia, SGI in Saskatchewan, or MPI in Manitoba. The mortgage reviews provide information about mortgage lenders both large and small, including RBCScotiabankTDBMOCIBC, and VancityRadius FinancialLakeland Credit Union and others. 
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