security first insurance reviews

Looking for security first insurance reviews? Read security first reviews to see what customers think about security first coverage.

Welcome to our blog, find there the best security first insurance reviews,


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security first insurance reviews

security first insurance reviews


Welcome to our blog, find there the best security first insurance reviews,

Security First insurance: what is it?

Security First Insurance was founded by Locke Burt, a former U.S. senator, in 2005 in response to the risk of severe hurricane damage occurring annually. The roots of this homeowners insurance company go back to his grandfather’s Floridian insurance agency founded in 1918 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Due to the high costs of hurricane devastation that were not covered by standard homeowners insurance policies or even flood insurance coverage, the company became one of several growing in Florida. Small local insurers began stepping into that void during the late 2000s, and Security First was one of the first to do so.

Security First writes only home insurance, as well as renter’s, condo, and flood insurance. The company’s headquarters are located in Ormond Beach, Florida, and its products are sold through independent agents.

security first insurance reviews

Florida residents can get comprehensive home insurance from Security First. This Security First Insurance review discusses its coverage, cost, and reputation.

Your home is likely to be your most valuable asset, so getting home insurance is a wise investment. When you have homeowners insurance, you can protect your home and its contents in case of a natural disaster or event like a burglary.

You need to take care when selecting a home insurance company. There are differences in coverage, availability, and customer service. This Old House Reviews created an in-depth Security First insurance review to help you decide if the company is right for your home.


Only Florida residents can purchase Security First home insurance.

Do you know how much Security First home insurance costs?

Home insurance costs from Security First can vary depending on several factors, including your house’s value, its size, the materials used to build it, where you live, the coverage limits you select, and the insurance deductible you select.


There are several discounts offered by Security First.

  • Policy holders 55 years and older are eligible.
  • Protected communities
  • shaped like a roof
  • with sprinklers
  • for a wind-resistant home
  • and a central burglar alarm
  • Construction age
  • of a central fire alarm


With Security First, you get solid home insurance coverage that includes all industry-standard protections as well as many endorsements. There are endorsements that are more common than others, such as coverage for golf carts and screened enclosures, which are more specific to Florida.

Security First is currently only available in Florida, has only been around for 15 years, and does not offer 24/7 telephone customer service. Overall, we give Security First 81.25 out of 100 points.

Our Security First Insurance Company review finds the company to be a reliable provider of home insurance. Their Better Business Bureau rating is A+. We give Security First Insurance Company a positive review because they actively address the negative comments regarding their claims process.

security first insurance reviews – TOP 10

“My dad had Security First for my home insurance. His roof sustained wind damage from the many hurricanes we have had in Florida. The process from filing the claim to the handling of the claim, and the promptness of all the communications with the company was great. The claim examiner and the customer advocate were lovely. Highly recommended.”

Firas Warda

“Kyema Smith is an excellent customer service person, she was very professional, responsive, and communicated so well over the phone. She was concerned, and really went out of her way to explain everything, and finalize my policy. I would recommend her for a promotion, or employee of the month. (She was that good)”

Howard Hutchings

“I spoke with representative Cheryl L at Security First Insurance and had a wonderful experience. She appeared to have a wealth of knowledge and was very professional. I was very concerned regarding my home insurance renewal. While speaking with her, I felt very at ease and confident in the company. She was very patient and advised me of all the needed information. Security First Insurance is a great Company and I will definitely continue my business with them.”

Gloria simmons

“I had a problem with receiving my bill in time to get my payment sent by the due date. Annette Helped walk me through process of making my payment paying over the phone. I appreciate her help.”

Linda Tattersall

“We’ve received the second settlement offer with the increased scope which we requested back in September. We are satisfied with the overall scope. The estimates seem much closer to our estimates and are within a “reasonable” range. There may be supplements as we begin repairs.

Although we’ve reached an agreeable starting point, the time it took to get here was totally unacceptable. As soon as we saw your original scope, we immediately disagreed, raised the flag, and sent you all documentation to back us up. This was back in September. It’s now mid-December.

The year is 2017. There are off the shelf software packages to handle customer service and claims service. In addition, there’s no excuse for the lack of feedback.

I understand that Insurance companies are there to minimize unnecessary payouts and to pay as late as possible but that doesn’t mean keeping your customers in the dark is acceptable.

This correspondence is really directed toward the C and director levels. You guys need to do more to support your customers and working level employees. Your Chief Technology Officer should be fired.”

D Heller

“Worst insurance company ever, I was so Mad with Anderson Insurance Agent why they recommended this to me? I was with this company since 2014, then last Aug 2020 my roof was messed up by storm & hail, they sent inspector from Ocala, first thing he asked me if somebody inspect my roof yet? I said No, for short, they denied the claim, so right away I cancelled my policy with them, same day they denied my claim. Then I personally hired a roofer to fix my roof but the roofer told me why you pay for this damage? this damage was caused by the storm, 2 more contractors came to inspect my roof and they’re all same findings, so I brought it to PA and finally they agreed to pay for the repair but until now still waiting for the check? Their costumer service is very poor too…”

James Greene

“This company is ok. We recently experienced a flood in our home caused by a pipe issue. When the claim was submitted the company was quick to respond, they even sent a water mitigation team to help dry out our house. Unfortunately we were not informed of the cost of the water mitigation company upfront. It took several months to receive what was left if the claim. Communication during the event was poor, phone calls and emails were not answered. A very frustrating situation was made worse by theIt slow response.”


“I am a licensed Florida insurance adjuster. Do not use this company. They are violating my rights and trying to bully me into a denial. Lucky for me I can afford a roof and a lawyer and I will get paid. If a tornado levels your house down they will cover it, but if it’s a more complex issue like roof leaking from wind damages (the most likely claim you will put in) they will use all their power to bully you into giving up. I’ve seen companies use these disturbing tactics, and now they are using them on me. “


“I’m HIGHLY upset as my premium increased from 227 to 260 the 1st renewal. I searched for the lowest price and fell Security First offered me a intial price with intention to raise cost the next couple of years. I’m about to cancel this policy.”


“Fastest rental insurance purchase. Agent was fast, excellent, knowledgeable, proficient, and efficient.”





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