centauri insurance reviews

Welcome to our blog, find there the best centauri insurance reviews.

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centauri insurance reviews

centauri insurance reviews

Welcome to our blog, find there the best centauri insurance reviews.

Founded in 2006, Centauri Insurance provides property and casualty insurance products that are both exceptional and competitively price. Now, the company has policyholders in nine states including Alabama, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Texas.

The agency has considerable experience in storm situations, and we are committed to meeting the ever-changing needs of our agents and clients. Our team is united by the common desire to be there for you, keeping YOUR interests in mind at all times

The Centauri Insurance company is part of the Centauri Specialty Insurance Holdings, Inc. . Among the residential and commercial insurance products Centauri Insurance offers are homeowners, condominiums, tenants, dwelling fire, business owners, and specialty lines (flood, hurricane, wind). It was launched in Hawaii in 2006 and is now one of the largest providers of hurricane insurance in that state. Currently, Centauri Insurance underwrites business in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas. You can learn more at www.centauriinsurance.com.

centauri insurance reviews


4081 Lakewood Ranch Blvd

Suite 200

Sarasota, Florida 34240, US

As a result of Centauri Insurance’s innovative solutions and personalized service, our stakeholders enjoy financial protection and peace of mind in an uncertain world. Founded on a foundation of trust and guided by our core values and competencies, we strive to be the partner of choice for our customers, insurance agents, and employees. Centauri insurance reviews.

Review of Centauri: How to Compare Carriers

We reviewed several Florida and Louisiana insurers, including Centauri Insurance, to help in your search for home insurance. We took a look at online reviews from real customers and average pricing. Here’s what we found.

As a commercial and residential homeowners insurance company, Centauri Insurance offers both types of coverage. After terminating its acquisition by Avatar Insurance, the firm’s Demotech rating was recently under review. The firm’s mission is to provide financial protection and peace of mind for its stakeholders.

centauri insurance reviews

Claims related

An insurance company’s mettle is revealed by their claims – do they pay claims fairly and promptly? We don’t know much about Centauri’s claims process from the reviews.

It’s frustrating to feel left in the dark after filing a claim, and we know that nothing is more frustrating than that. Our approach to processing claims prioritizes communication, transparency, and technology.

All the way through the claim process, we keep policyholders informed – our executives are even known to check in with folks just to see how things are going. Managed Repair Networks make it easy for customers to get their repairs done professionally. Using this service, policyholders can find licensed, insured, and local service professionals.


“DO NOT USE THIS company !
I have had arrowhead insurance for my home owners insurance through geico for years
they doubled my annual rate last year without informing me and collected the money from my escrow account
I found out they DOUBLED my insurance cost when my mortgage company billed me.
I immediately cancelled their insurance and got new insurance BACK TO MY ORIGINAL rate
HALF the cost they charged me!
spoke to them and they said they can increase the rates whatever amt they want(said my house value doubled, no house has been sold that amt in my neighborhood, I know the comps etc RIDICULOUS)
-THIS COMPANY will try to scam you ! do not use”

Jennifer Lowney

“I am an agency owner and work with many insurance companies. Unfortunately the bad reviews on here are from people complaining about things that would be an issue with ANY insurance company. You HAVE to maintain your home and if you don’t, any insurance company will request that you fix it and if you do not, they will not continue to insure you. You can imagine why an insurance company would not want to stay on a risk that has an owner who does not take pride of home ownership. Cracks in walls, rusted pipes, curling roof shingles… these are all things that you are supposed to keep up with. Insurance is for HAZARDS, it is not a maintenance plan. When it comes to fulfilling what an insurance company is supposed to do, Centauri is at the top of the list for being honest & fair. I have trusted many of my friends and families to be insured with Centauri for that exact reason. It’s also important to keep in mind, the many people who have been happy with their claim or experience don’t take time to go online and write about it. People typically only go online to bash a company if they are unsatisfied whether it is just or not.”

Breanne Manchester

“Worst Insurance Company ever! They cancelled my policy due to “unacceptable plumbing.” Went back and forth to figure out what they meant by that comment. Turned out, there was rust on one of pipe in the half bathroom under the sink. Brought my Plumber to change it and we had resolved the issue. They told me to return the refund check and the policy would be reinstated no need to do anything else. A few days later I get a bill saying they increased my premium to $1,972 from $836.”

Ray Mond

“Centauri is an amazing organization not only work with but to be a policyholder with. Yes, I am an insurance agency owner (and policyholder) but I feel that MY experience with them as a company matters a lot because I work with A LOT of insurance companies and know who are premiere and who are a last resort. Centauri is a PREMIERE company and I would highly recommend them if you are considering insurance for your largest assets. We place a lot of our high-value homes with them because we have confidence in them and know they will treat our clients more than fair. Maybe people write bad reviews because they just went through a claim, but in my experience, Centauri’s claim services far exceed the competition. We are located in Mt. Pleasant, SC should anyone have questions, please reach out to my agency and we would be glad to help.”

Andrew Muller

“I filed a claim 5 weeks ago for lighting damages. I have yet to get a claims check to pay or a refund for my food cost of $450. I am having to live in a hotel and pay to eat out every meal for a family of 4. I have called almost every day to get no sense of urgency, and to be told that a check would be overnighted so the contractors could order the materials needed to repair my home. I called for 3 days straight after being told that, only to find out the checks haven’t even be approved yet! I just want my house to be repaired and my life back. This company doesn’t seem to care about their clients and what they have to endure for an incident they had no control over….. I have asked to speak to supervisiors and no one calls you back. If anyone can help please DO!!!!!!!!!”

Jessica Keith

“Centauri is the best insurance company ever, I read all of the reviews and one of the websites that comes up is written some random self proclaimed insurance company reviewer not a trusted source. I have worked with Centauri insurance for several years now and trust them very much with keeping us safe. Thank you for being a good company.”

Megan Cook

“We switched to this insurance company because Texas Classic insurance suggested a lower rate only to be told a month later that insurance was being cancelled because “Condition of risk is unacceptable as described by inspection Pre-existing and unrepaired damages to the property Debris on the premises.”

Our house and property our spotless. There is some sort of scam going on here. We are not in any type of high-risk area such-as flood area.”
Brian Gillespie
“This insurance is a rip off they low ball you on all your claims. After Irma I had some damages to my home and my fence, they said they don’t cover fences so there 8000 bucks down the tube then they tell me I can fix my repairs to my roof, garage door, Windows, and So It for 2500. So time goes by and my home is robbed and vandalized and everything I had was stolen.all my kids gaming systems and games all tv’s and electronics and I have 6 kids. They tell me I should be able to replace everything i had for around 5300, there reasons are I have no receipts or boxes. Hell I would need another house just to store the boxes. I am warning anyone that reads this review. STAY AWAY DO NOT USE THUS COMPANY.”
James Springer

“I spoke with a Heather Hopkins, who calls herself the sales manager of Regency Insurance Group, an affiliate of Centauri in Austin , TX.

After I asked for additional details about a quote Heather gave me, it seemed to be unfavorable for her to provide me the information, and thereby, she never responded to me.
Wonder if she would have responded if I had agreed by email to her initial quote. I think I know the answer, though.”
Michael Lewin
“These people are crooks took my $350 dollars down payment then cancelled me saying my roof is old when it has no leaks and was inspected by a licenced house inspector smh go somewhere else and get house insurance also they wont refund my money home owners beware!!!!”
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