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Hippo Insurance Reviews 2023: A deep dive into coverages, customer service, and real-user experiences. Find out if Hippo is the right insurer for you in the USA.


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Hippo home insurance, available in 40 states, stands out for its unique coverage options and technological approach. Established in 2015 as part of the insurtech movement, Hippo focuses on making insurance more accessible and efficient through online processes. Their streamlined system enables customers to obtain a quote in just about 60 seconds, along with the added advantage of a smart-home monitoring system in many states. Additionally, Hippo offers assistance for home repair inquiries.

The company partners with Spinnaker Insurance, a carrier acquired in 2020, and other collaborators to provide policies.

Hippo Insurance reviews Star Rating

With a 4.3 star rating from insurancereviews911, Hippo homeowners insurance ranks highly. This assessment factors in policy coverage choices, ease of filing claims, website transparency, the company’s financial stability, consumer complaints reported by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and more. Based on these criteria, Hippo is recognized as one of top homeowners insurance providers for 2023.

State Availability

Hippo currently extends homeowners insurance policies to residents of 40 states. However, Florida policies are exclusively accessible through Hippo’s builder and lender partners.

Coverage Offered by Hippo Home Insurance

Hippo offers the following standard coverage options that can be customized with additional add-ons:

  • Dwelling Coverage: Pays for repairing or rebuilding your home’s structure.
  • Other Structures: Covers damages to unattached structures like sheds or fences.
  • Personal Property: Compensates for repairing or replacing personal belongings such as furniture and clothing.
  • Loss of Use: Provides funds for expenses like hotel stays and meals if you need to live elsewhere during covered repairs.
  • Personal Liability: Covers legal costs and damages for injuries to others or their property.
  • Medical Payments: Addresses injuries to guests in your home, regardless of fault.

In addition to these standard coverages, Hippo includes the following as part of their standard package:

  • Ordinance or Law coverage for increased repair costs due to updated building codes.
  • Protection for domestic workers injured on your property.
  • Home office coverage for damaged work equipment.
  • Coverage for computers and storage devices.
  • Water backup coverage for drain or sewer-related damage.
  • Protection for valuable items like jewelry and watches.
  • Extended replacement cost on dwelling coverage for extra protection.
  • Depending on your location and chosen package, additional coverage options may include equipment breakdown coverage, service line coverage, mortgage payment protection, and replacement cost coverage for personal property.

Discounts Offered by Hippo

Hippo provides homeowners insurance discounts for various circumstances, including:

  • Early signup (at least eight days before policy start).
  • Buying a new home.
  • Activating smart-home devices.
  • Having a hail-resistant roof.
  • Maintaining a claim-free period of three to five years.
  • Not having a mortgage.
  • Purchasing a policy through an affinity group.
  • Qualifying for homeowners association membership.
  • Possessing a fire extinguisher.
  • Residing in a gated community.
  • Buying multiple policies through Hippo.
  • Having a burglar alarm.

It’s important to note that not all discounts apply in every state.

Consumer Complaints and Experience

One of Hippo’s main underwriters, Spinnaker, received fewer home insurance complaints than expected relative to its size, according to three years of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Hippo also sells policies from other partners.

Hippo’s website offers online home insurance quotes and informational articles about homeowners insurance. The Hippo app facilitates customer service communication, coverage review, and policy management. Additionally, it provides advice, checklists, and even video consultations with Hippo Home Care experts.

Filing claims with Hippo can be done through phone or email. The company offers customer support through live chat, email, and telephone.

Hippo’s Strengths and Areas for Improvement


  • Claim Prevention: Hippo emphasizes claim prevention by providing free smart-home technology, benefiting both homeowners and insurers.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Hippo’s standard policy includes a broad range of coverage, including water backup and extended replacement coverage without extra cost.
  • User-Friendly Technology: The company’s app and smart devices enhance user experience and offer convenience.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Limited Policy Range: Hippo focuses solely on homeowners insurance, so customers seeking other types of insurance will need to explore alternative providers.

Comparison with Competitors

Hippo vs. Lemonade Home Insurance: Hippo focuses exclusively on home insurance, while Lemonade offers a wider array of insurance types such as life, pet, renters, and auto. Both companies emphasize digital efficiency and technological features. Lemonade processes a significant portion of claims instantly through its app, while Hippo offers smart-home devices, home care advice, and video consultations through its app.

Hippo vs. State Farm Home Insurance: Hippo, founded in 2015, is a newer player compared to State Farm, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2022. State Farm offers a broader spectrum of insurance types, including auto, life, health, business, and disability insurance. Both Hippo and State Farm include extended replacement cost coverage for dwellings in their standard policies, along with free smart technology to prevent claims.

Choosing Hippo Home Insurance:

Hippo home insurance is most suitable for homeowners who will benefit from its unique offerings, such as the smart-home devices and app-based home maintenance advice. While Hippo stands out for its claim prevention strategies and comprehensive coverage, individuals with specific insurance needs beyond homeowners coverage may need to seek additional policies elsewhere.

Other Home Insurance Options to Consider:

If you’re not yet ready to make a decision, several other homeowners insurance companies are worth considering, including:

  • Geico: A large insurer offering homeowners policies through third parties.
  • Liberty Mutual: A prominent national brand with various discounts.
  • Safeco: A reliable choice available in most states.
  • Travelers: An insurer with strong coverage options and decent discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What other insurance types does Hippo offer? Hippo provides condo insurance in addition to homeowners policies.
  • How does Hippo provide quick quotes? Hippo uses publicly available data from multiple sources to automatically answer questions about your home.
  • Does Hippo offer sinkhole insurance? Hippo offers sinkhole insurance as an optional coverage in states where it’s required.

hipo insurance reviews  – TOP 10


Review 1 ★★★★★ “I am truly impressed with Hippo Homeowners Insurance. Getting a quote was quick and straightforward, and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of coverage options they offered. The smart-home monitoring system is a big plus, and their app is genuinely useful for managing my policy. Moreover, their customer service is exceptional; they responded to my questions quickly and in a friendly manner. I would definitely recommend Hippo to other homeowners.” – María G.

Review 2: ★★★★☆ “Hippo provides a modern and tech-driven home insurance experience. I like how their focus on claims prevention through smart devices can help save long-term troubles. However, I found their rates slightly higher compared to other options in the market. Nevertheless, the added value of technological features and comprehensive coverage makes them worth considering.” – Juan M.

Review 3: ★★★☆☆ “I have a love-hate relationship with Hippo. Their quote process is really fast, and their app is user-friendly. However, I’ve had some issues with filing claims. Once I managed to get in touch with their customer service, they helped me, but the initial delay was frustrating. I also noticed that some of the discount promotions didn’t apply in my state. Overall, I believe there’s room for improvement in their customer service and the clarity of their discounts.” – Carlos R.

Review 4: ★★★★★ “I’ve had an excellent experience with Hippo Homeowners Insurance. The process of getting quotes was fast and accurate, and I could customize my policy according to my needs. I feel more secure with their smart-home monitoring system, and their app is very helpful for managing everything. Moreover, their customer service has always been friendly and quick to respond.” – Laura P.

Review 5: ★★★★☆ “Hippo offers an innovative approach to home insurance. Their emphasis on claims prevention with smart technology is impressive. However, I found their rates slightly higher compared to other options in the market. If you value technology and comprehensive coverage, it’s worth considering them. Just make sure to compare rates before deciding.” – Roberto S.

Review 6: ★★★☆☆ “My experience with Hippo has been mixed. Their online process to get a quote was convenient, and the inclusion of smart monitoring features is a nice touch. However, when I needed to file a claim, I found the process wasn’t as smooth as expected. While they eventually resolved my issue, I feel they could enhance the claims experience for customers.” – Ana L.

Review 7: ★★★★★ “I’m impressed with Hippo Homeowners Insurance. Their tech-focused approach is a breath of fresh air in the insurance industry. I was able to customize my policy easily and get a quote within minutes. Additionally, the smart-home monitoring system adds an extra level of security. Their app is intuitive and makes managing my policy a breeze. Highly recommended!” – Eduardo G.

Review 8: ★★★★☆ “Hippo Homeowners Insurance offers a modern and convenient experience. Their online process is quick and efficient, and their emphasis on claims prevention with smart devices is innovative. However, I found their rates slightly higher compared to other options. Still, their comprehensive coverage and tech-driven approach make them worth considering.” – Marta D.

Review 9: ★★★☆☆ “My experience with Hippo has had its ups and downs. Getting a quote was easy, and their tech emphasis is refreshing. However, when I tried to file a claim, I faced some difficulties in reaching their team. Once I managed to contact them, the situation got resolved, but I feel they could improve their customer service.” – Juan C.

Review 10: ★★★★★ “Hippo Homeowners Insurance is an excellent choice for those who value technology and customization in their policy. Their online process is fast, and their claims prevention focus with smart devices is great. Their app is user-friendly and helps me manage my policy conveniently. I would definitely recommend them!” – Patricia R.

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    Hippo Insurance ha sido una experiencia increíble. El proceso de solicitud fue muy sencillo y el equipo de atención al cliente fue muy servicial. Mi póliza es muy asequible y me siento muy seguro con mi cobertura. ¡Recomiendo Hippo Insurance a cualquiera que busque un seguro de hogar asequible y de calidad

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    Hippo Insurance es la mejor compañía de seguros de hogar que he tenido. El servicio al cliente es excelente y las pólizas son muy asequibles. ¡No puedo recomendarlos lo suficiente!

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    I had a problem with my Hippo Insurance policy and the customer service team was very quick and efficient to resolve it. I’m very happy with my experience with Hippo Insurance!

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    jack g,

    Hippo Insurance is a very innovative home insurance company. The policy is very easy to understand and the application process is very straightforward.

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