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Welcome to our blog, find there the best arrowhead insurance reviews.

Arrowhead insurance was founded in 1983 and provides a variety of insurance products, including personal auto and property. As well as offering insurance products to small and mid-sized businesses, Arrowhead also offers personal insurance policies. With offices across the country, the company has a headquarters in San Diego, California.


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arrowhead insurance reviews

arrowhead insurance reviews

Welcome to our blog, find there the best arrowhead insurance reviews.

Arrowhead General Insurance Agency was founded in 1983 and provides a variety of insurance products, including personal auto and property. As well as offering insurance products to small and mid-sized businesses, Arrowhead also offers personal insurance policies. With offices across the country, the company has a headquarters in San Diego, California.

Arrowhead Auto Insurance is currently available in Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, and South Carolina. The following standard coverage options are available through Arrowhead in these states even though auto insurance underwriting is limited to a few states. arrowhead insurance reviews

arrowhead insurance reviews


All Risk

Arrowhead’s All Risk Program provides clients with broad and flexible coverage terms that meet their needs, in addition to superior service from receipt of application to issuance of policy. TIVs up to $25 million are covered.

Highlights of coverage

  • Target primary and excess placements, shared and layered placements, and groundup placements
  • Flexible coverage terms that meet clients’ needs, with superior service from receipt of application to policy issuance and subsequent servicing
  • of all risks up to $150 million
  • Flood, Earthquake, and Boiler & Machinery Sublimits
  • Schedules nationally and regionally, including coastal areas
  • $25,000 minimum premium


  • for office buildings
  • in the healthcare sector, including nursing homes
  • and condominiums (over 70% owner-occupied)
  • the retail sector
  • includes schools
  • hotels and motels
  • religious organizations, etc.
  • Food establishments
  • lender risk schedules
  • a bank
  • municipal
  • distribution
  • Manufacturing of light
  • vacated buildings
  • for apartments (excess only)


Classes excluded:

  • Industry heavy
  • Oil & fuels
  • Railroads
  • Mining
  • Food processing
  • Wood products
  • Transmission & distribution
  • Recycling

At Arrowhead, our ambulance program, administered by Bellingham Underwriters, focuses on for-profit emergency and non-emergency medical ambulance companies* operating Type I, Type II, and Type III ambulances. arrowhead insurance reviews

We offer competitive pricing thanks to our unique product, which creates a stable, long-term market that is more sensitive to real variances in risk. With one product, we are able to offer a complete package.


  • AUTO LIABILITY: $1,000,000 CSL
  • UM/UIM: State specific limits
  • Med Pay: $10,000
  • PIP: Statutory
  • Physical Damage: $175,000/vehicle and $5 million total fleet value


  • $1 million per occurrence/$3 million annual aggregate
  • Fire Legal: $500,000
  • Med Pay: $10,000
  • Incidental exposure to schools/classrooms including First Aid classes
  • Medical directors when written as part of a service company
  • Incidental lessors risk properties
  • Incidental auto repair services for others
  • GKLL: $1 million max per location


  • Defibrillators, radios, EKGs, respirators, monitors, gurneys, stretchers, and other medical equipment
  • ATVs, bariatric lifts, portable boats and powered cots are among the support equipment available
  • when maintaining vehicles and equipment

in excess

  • follow the form excess
  • Optional coverages of up to $5 million per occurrence/annual aggregate for Auto, General Liability, Professional Liability, and Employer’s Liability (no coverage for Abusive Acts Liability).

Medical Malpractice Insurance.

  • Annual limits of $3 million per occurrence/$1 million per incident

per property

  • for buildings, businesses, personal property, and business income
  • The wiring, HVAC, plumbing and roof of buildings over 20 years old need to be updated

for cyber liability and data breach response


  • under the Information Security and Privacy Liability Act – up to $1MM for aggregate damages.
  • Breach Response Services – capped at $500,000.


There are Type I, Type II, and Type III ambulance companies that provide emergency and non-emergency services. arrowhead insurance reviews

  • First responders/paramedics are independent contractors, not employees of fire departments, hospitals, or municipalities
  • that provide ambulance service
  • for the general public.
  • Automobiles owned by corporations, limited liability companies, or partnerships for business purposes
  • purposes.
  • Approximately 20 percent of all operations are provided by ambulances or passenger vans

rented from Arrowhead

This program provides coverage for courtesy vehicles that dealers provide to customers whose vehicles are being serviced in order to meet the needs of automobile manufacturers and their dealer networks.

This program offers OEMs and their Dealer Networks the following benefits:

  • Highly automated, cloud-based system available at dealers’ fingertips
  • Real-time, transparent reporting of claims on a consistent basis
  • Complete or partial claims management with stat reporting for loaner vehicles: tendering to primary carrier, subrogation, loss of use recovery, diminished value recovery, etc.
  • Vehicles can be registered in real time and ID cards can be printed at the dealer as needed.
  • It is possible to track loaner vehicles from the manufacturers’ designated financing system and dealers’ fleet management systems with exportable reports.
  • Providing pre-vetted loaner/rental agreements for standard use by service departments
  • Minimize motor vehicle department inquiries, suspensions, or revocations.

Highlights of the content

  • Automobile Physical Damage and Liability
  • and State Financial Responsibility Limits


foreign and domestic manufacturers of vehicles.

Automobile Aftermarket


Rates reduced in AZ, IA, IL, KS, MI,MN, NE, OR, WI
Scheduled rating for more flexibility

Previously written by Universal Underwriters, Arrowhead’s Package program combines specialized commercial insurance coverage with decades of industry experience. The coverage includes both property and general liability.

  • Commercial Property/GL (required), Commercial Automobile
  • – all sizes considered
  • Instant online quotes up to $50,000 for eligible accounts
  • Schedule up to 25 vehicles
  • using a loaner vehicle
  • Accidental sales of used cars, gas, car washes, and roadside assistance
  • (up to three units) are acceptable.
  • Window tinting and car detailing are also acceptable.
  • Shuttle service within a reasonable distance of the repair facility is also available.
  • Recycled tires are also available.
  • Vehicles can be driven up to 200 miles from the repair facility.
  • There are multiple direct billing options available.

Core Commercial

Providing innovative risk management products and services to small and medium-sized businesses, Core Commercial focuses on the small-to-medium sized commercial market. We have a high level of market specialization. We have a dedicated team of commercial underwriters that provide flexible solutions. All at competitive rates.

We can rate, quote, and bind Arrowhead Advantage BOP online. A more complex account may require the Arrowhead Advantage Package. Both packages are available for accounts with premiums under $100,000.

Conditions are different.

DIC is the only commercial earthquake facility capable of offering $335 million in capacity with access to 20 carriers rated “A-” or better by AM Best.

DIC offers the highest earthquake and difference in conditions limits in the industry.

  • The coverage is designed specifically for medium-sized and larger commercial accounts.
  • Expert underwriters provide superior service.
  • Policy issuance is expedited.
  • Serving the wholesale market exclusively for over 23 years
  • focusing on fundamental underwriting
  •  competitive pricing
  •  commissions

on personal auto insurance

Arrowhead’s Personal Auto Program targets U.S. and international licensed drivers with clean driving records, as well as drivers with violations and accidents. We offer discounts for multiple cars, proof of prior ownership, stability, renewal, and full payment.

Online quotes and payments are easy to use. We accept EFT, credit card, debit card, checks, and money orders by mail, online or by phone.

  • Carrier rated “A” X by AM Best
  • Submit real-time endorsements
  • via e-signature
  • to verify vehicle identification numbers
  • Customers receive minimal correspondence
  • Low down payments with reoccurring ACH payments
  • generated at the point of sale

Frequently asked questions

What is the process for filing a claim with Arrowhead insurance?

Arrowhead’s customer service number or local agent can be contacted to file a claim. A claim can also be initiated online through the portal. Arrowhead doesn’t provide a mobile app for filing claims or managing policies at this time. arrowhead insurance reviews

In which states does Arrowhead provide insurance?

Arrowhead writes homeowners insurance policies in Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

It is available in Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, and South Carolina for auto insurance.

arrowhead insurance reviews – TOP 10

It’s a great company ! The people are awesome and they train you, and are very helpful. Mostly clerical work , some phone calls , depending on the position”

karen h

The company does a great job of working with each employee to find out their career goals and help them achieve them. There is a great understanding that a work/life balance is very important. It’s easy to take advantage of the DTO (no more than 5 weeks is suggested). Because everyone gets so much time off everyone is understanding of someone being out of the office and work around it. The company also throws two company-wide parties (in San Diego) at some fun venues. The parent company also provides some great benefits.”

kte fren

“Incredible service and diligence from underwriter Cheryl Jones. If she ever missed my call I would receive a call back within five minutes and she always made sure that all my questions were answered and the insureds needs were met. In my industry I work with a lot of underwriters and it’s hard to translate certain things but Cheryl was patient and made sure to truly listen to me.”

Isaiah I.

“My mother who is 79 has her policy was underwritten by Arrowhead through Geico
Ida damaged her home
We made a claim
Their adjuster came out refused us business cards or his name.
He never finished this claim and they have not called her back in more than a month.
Sadly she was just asked to pay up another 2022 annual premium but no adjustment to her  claim. She calls daily and no return call.
She is elderly and this is a crime. Her roof is damaged and her name is Liz Ruth.
Geico will be notified as well as the Louisiana State Insurance Commisioner.”

Estelle Q.

“This is the worst insurance company on the planet! I totally agree with other reviews. They took $1,000 from me and then declined my insurance because I had debris in my front yard? you mean my daughters plants? Now they refuse to even answer my emails and are no longer returning my money and I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau. Use extreme caution! I can’t believe they’re affiliated with Geico insurance! Now I’m worried if my Geico insurance is legitimate?”

Keith A.
“Feels like a useless middleman. Our agent is Geico in Pleasanton (Rowand Insurance, terrible but save it for another review) and they use Arrowhead but why? The insurance company is actually  Zurich.  Very confusing but maybe that’s my ignorance of the insurance business.  We could not get Arrowhead’s cost to match the agent’s quote. Neither side could figure it out, blaming the other.  Latest difficulty is trying to get a simple question answered about coverage under specific circumstances. The Geico agent said the policy was “too long to read”, the Arrowhead rep thought she had an answer but that I should call an adjuster. The adjuster said they cannot discuss coverage and I should call Zurich.  Both Arrowhead and Zurich pointed me back to the useless people at Geico Rowand Insurance.”
First L.

“All of the one star reviews are justified….

I used Geico to purchase a homeowners policy through Arrowhead. Within a few weeks they sent a letter stating they were cancelling me due to brush fire hazard. While I disagree with their assessment I cant fight it. What they deserve the one start for is that 4 days after they cancelled, they sent me a letter stating I was reinstated. I was under the assumption I had insurance due to a letter from them. As time went on, it turns out this was “sent in error” and that I didnt have insurance.

This company is run incredibly poorly and I would not recommend them. After reading all of the reviews, I am actually considering it a blessing in disguise as they clearly do not service their customers properly in reading through all the bad reviews.

I am sure they will comment saying PM for discussion etc which is useless- the damage is done. Good riddance.”

Jay T.
“I gave them a chance since the annual was good but I was wrong.  The below are comments:
– Put in a claim in January 2021and still pending. I get these stupid letter saying its still pending and now its 11 months later in November and still pending
– They go though different company when doing the claim so you get transferred to many different people.  You have arrowhead in San Diego.  They sub out the claims (different company), They sub out the adjustors to come out to the house to inspect”
Trung N.

“Arrowhead insured my home in California for 4 months via Geico. Throughout this short time, they sent me 2 cancellation notices. The first was for having a Beware Dog sign on my fence and the second was for nonpayment after they removed my credit card from my account.

Arrowhead did not bother to contact me via phone or email when they saw a Beware Dog sign on my fence. Even though I don’t have a dog on the premises, they assumed I did just because I had a deterring sign, and sent the notice instead of connecting to inquire about the sign and confirm I didn’t have any dogs on the property. I had to write a handwritten note and email them a photo of the note so their underwriters could reinstate my policy.

During that underwriting review, they deleted my autopay credit card and sent a second notice that since I didn’t pay on time, they were cancelling my policy. I decided to change companies after the second cancellation notice, because if they can’t figure out the easy admin stuff, how would they handle a claim?”

Bullet S.

“Worse insurance ever!!!! I hope everyone who works for this company gets hit with a tornado and it destroys there houses and their insurance company harasses them as much as they do their customers!!!”

David K.


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