otto insurance reviews- TOP 10 REVIEWS

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Is otto insurance legit? Our article clarifies all your doubts about Otto Insurance, the car insurance company. read otto insurance reviews and leave here your otto insurance review.




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otto insurance reviews- TOP 10 REVIEWS

otto insurance reviews

Welcome to our blog, Is otto insurance legit? find there the best otto insurance reviews

What is Otto Insurance and how does it work?

Welcome to this honest otto insurance review.

Essentially, Otto insurance is an assistance services provider in the insurance industry. According to the company, its goal is to provide users with the most accurate insurance quotes as soon as possible. Otto is actually a lead generation website that doesn’t send quotes immediately, but instead sends your information to its network of partners and affiliates, so they can contact you and offer quotes.

Otto Insurance: How does it work?

Otto collects the data you provide and connects you with one of their many insurance agents to complete the quote process. Go to and click Start Now, the tool will ask you a series of questions about yourself, your vehicle, and even your home.

You should first tell Otto if you have insurance now or if this is your very first policy. Otto promises to find the lowest rate possible in any case.

During the process of building your insurance profile, Otto asks about the cars you drive. With Otto’s details, such as your name and home address, he can search for your vehicle information. Due to the public nature of the information, it is quite easy to find. If you’re looking for an insurance quote for a car you don’t already own, this option is not available to you.

The rest of the questions are simple as you have to indicate your gender, marital status, and whether or not you own a home. Otto’s insurance tool will also ask if you want to combine your home and car insurance (a good way to save on your insurance rates).

In a few minutes, Otto will let you know that you qualify for important discounts.

Before you add your name and phone number, you should understand the terms clearly. When you click the “Get a free quote” button, you agree to be contacted by Otto Insurance and its business partners and affiliates.

On the next page, the system will confirm that your quote request has been submitted and that one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.

Otto Insurance is it an insurance company?

Rather, Otto Insurance puts you in touch with insurance companies or allied agents who will offer you quotes based on the coverage you require.

You should know that otto auto insurance is responsible for collecting your data and, depending on your profile, it will be sent to certain insurance providers.

regard that, we have managed to write this honest otto insurance review.

is otto car insurance real?

OTTO is an online insurance quote comparison website. It is not an auto insurance company and does not technically sell traditional policies. so in short otto car insurance is not like a traditional insurance company.

Otto Aseguranza offers what types of insurance?

At Otto Insurance, you can request quotes for auto, pet, home, and life insurance.

How can I request insurance quotes from Otto Insurance?

To request a quote from Otto Insurance, either visit their website or call 1-888-804-5641.

Is Otto Insurance a reputable company?

We cannot confirm this, because there is little information available about Otto Insurance, even what appears on their website is sparse. It has not been rated by reputable agencies such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or JP Power, for example. Based on the opinions we have gathered, some users are unhappy about the number of calls they have received after providing their data to Otto Aseguranza.


Here is my otto insurance review : absolute scam, not worth the time to even research whether or not it’s legitimate.”

Andrew Dobb

“Deja de estúpidos anuncios de YouTube de gente falsa hablando de amigos falsos con citas falsas. Obtener información a la gente solo para referirlos a otras compañías de seguros. No tiene sentido y la gente como yo solo odiará tu compañía hasta que una clara transparencia hable por sí misma. No uses la información de la gente para venderla a otras empresas”

Alexander Rivera Santiago

“Tell people that they will be bombarded with phone calls from companies trying to sell you insurance. Worst mistake I ever made was clicking on your otto car insurance add.”

Scott A Fussnecker

Stop misleading people about your services. All that happens is that you give out our numbers to numerous companies

Gracie Peracca

“The commercial shows a kid placing an otto insurance sticker on their car, but they dont even provide insurance. Its a referal company that sends you to another referral company. Misrepresentation.”

Emmanuel Gutierrez

“Data harvesting landing page. No disclosures regarding what they offer. This is a trick — just another broker who wants to grab your personal vehicle and contact info to snag leads for affiliated insurance underwriters. What.A.Waste.”

Sharon Howarth 

“Be prepared to be bombarded with about 7 phone calls from all different insurance providers in the first 3 hours”

Max Childress

“scam. they just collect info from the landing pages and sell to other insurance companies.”

Chip Gowan

“It’s not an insurance company. Stay away.”

Kluns De Orlando

“Went through the whole application and they ended up NOT giving me a quote afterall! ASKED ME TO START ALL OVER! IT TOOK WAY LONGER THAN 2 MINUTES AS THEY ADVERTISED! otto insurance scam, scam, scam!”

Cleaner Cleaner

“This is my reviews : Jesus Christ. I was just curious about otto insurance prices. I have received 10+ calls between now and when I used auto. Literally 30 minutes ago. Don’t touch this service it is a scam and will endlessly bog you with a horrific effigy of endless under qualified sales agents. Honestly this is perhaps the most annoying site I have ever had the displeasure of interacting with.”

Kaity Nichole

Hope you enjoy this otto insurance review, please feel free to leave a review if you want to.


13 reviews for otto insurance reviews- TOP 10 REVIEWS

  1. josue sandoval

    They didn’t give me a quote, they aren’t an insurance broker. I was hammered by a bunch of different agencies looking to get my business. If I wanted to go to progressive, or geico, or Liberty, I would have went to them. Now I am getting phone calls and email solicitations from a bunch of companies. Additionally, they sold my information and I went from Zero to 456 junk emails this morning in one day thanks to these a**holes. Don’t fill out their free insurance quote form ever!!!!!!!

  2. mary

    They just give your info to spam callers. I input for a quote yesterday, then had 8 spam calls from different insurers cold calling me all day. This photo is of the different companies calling me after I applied.

  3. Vinny Apicella

    Haven’t tried their insurance company yet but soon it might work out.

  4. Chaim Friedman

    its a scam to lie to the public and say that you are an insurance compony when in fact you are only a referral compony

    i wanna know how to report to google to remove and them from being searched and you tube should stop running their adds because they are deceiving the public

  5. catam16

    its a scam to lie to the public and say that you are an insurance compony when in fact you are only a referral compony

    i wanna know how to report to google to remove and them from being searched and you tube should stop running their adds because they are deceiving the public

  6. roger L

    There is NO such Insurance PROVIDER with the name “Otto” This is an insurance broker. I used their tool to find my “savings” on auto insurance… Interestingly enough, They put me in touch with the Insurance PROVIDER I already have. BUT…. the quote given was actually higher than I’m currently paying for full coverage… hmmmm… 🤔

  7. Francis C.

    Otto insurance? That’s a joke. I got a quote via Otto and they sent me to Progressive!! 200+ dollars a month?? And Otto advertisement claims they have lie insurance rates?? Unlikely to be true. They don’t insurance!!!

  8. maria del pilar

    I’m not very happy with this company…. I would suggest to check other options.

  9. sandy

    I just wanted to take a moment to share my experience with David Otto and his insurance knowledge. Before my husband and I were married, we each had separate vehicle insurance policies. My husband had only liability for his 1999 Ford F-150, whereas I had full coverage on my 2005 Honda Accord- together, we paid in excess of $235 monthly to cover our vehicles. We both have clean driving records. We were referred to David Otto through my father. We contacted him in hopes to reduce our insurance expenses, however it was important to us that we do not reduce our coverage or increase our deductibles. David managed to find us the same coverage with the same deductibles through Safeco insurance- our monthly payments are only $96 compared to the previous $235, that s a savings of $139 every month or $1,668 every year! Can you say vacation!? 🙂 David is always very pleasant and professional when ever we have questions or concerns. Last year we purchased our home and were shopping for homeowners insurance, after getting a few online quotes, we contacted David again and asked him if he handles home owners insurance- and fortunately for us he does. Again, with other companies (for the same coverage and deductible) we were quoted more than Twice the amount we are currently paying through David Otto. Like I said, I just wanted to take a moment and share our good fortune with everyone so that you may be blessed in the same way. David Otto is a great guy and has saved us a lot of money over the past two years. We re very grateful for him.

  10. mopar

    Well when i filled out the info it did not quote me for otto it sent me to a program with several insurance venders and none of them quoted under 30 bucks for full coverage. All quotes are as misleading as sleepy joe. DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME WITH THIS ILLUSION.

  11. martin

    Otto Insurance is not an insurance agent. Just read “Terms of Service” on their website in case you don’t believe me.

    They also claim, you only have to input your info once. That’s a complete lie. A bait and switch. They’re just another 3rd party referral company. They don’t insure anything. Don’t believe there ads.

    I can’t believe they’re allowed to advertise services they don’t even offer.

    The odd looking “guy” with the red shirt and weird voice, and spotty hands in the otto insurance commercial really scared me out of this insurance. I don’t think it was a man, maybe.

    I doubt it would do any good to ask them to pull you from their database since they probably sell your information instantly. Thus, your information is already circulating around and being resold, etc, by 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc, parties.

  12. frank

    I would say so, in looking at Otto, it appears to be a lead collection site, which then sells one’s personal information to agents and brokers who then hope to sell you a policy.

    There is big money in doing this, leads can sell for $20 or more and companies like this often sell it many times to different buyers. And may continue to sell your information for months or even years.

  13. manuel

    I tried otto ins because it was supposed to compare auto insurance rates and direct me to the best one…WRONG, it sent me to a company that was $100 a month more expensive than one I already found. I think it’s getting some kind of kick back to funnel people to certain insurance companies.

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