how much does teeth whitening cost with insurance?

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Welcome to our blog, Find out how much does teeth whitening cost with insurance in this article. The majority of Americans with private insurance have dental coverage, but it tends not to cover cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening. (1)

Whitening your teeth is a cosmetic procedure. It is an elective procedure, rather than something that is crucial for the person’s health. Unfortunately, most insurance policies do not cover cosmetic dentistry. 

In general, what is covered by dental insurance?

An average dental insurance policy’s maximum annual benefit is $1,500. It covers procedures with a strict focus on health and wellness and is organized in a three-tiered structure. 100-80-50 (2)

All preventive care-including cleanings, X-rays, and sealants-is covered 100 percent.

Basic dental procedures such as fillings, extractions, and gum disease treatments are covered at 80%.

Most major procedures, such as crowns, bridges, inlays, and dentures, are covered at 50%.

Root canals can be classified as either basic or major, depending on your plan. The majority of plans focus on preventative and basic care, and not all procedures are covered.

how much does teeth whitening cost with insurance?

  • Cosmetic treatments are not covered by most dental insurance policies.
  • The three main types of coverage provided by dental insurance are preventive, basic care, and major care.
  • Typically, dental plans cover one annual cleaning, sealants, and X-rays.

Discoloration of the teeth: what causes it?

how much does teeth whitening cost with insurance

There are many reasons for tooth discoloration. Foods and drinks can leave a stain on the surface of teeth.

Teeth absorb the color of foods and beverages through their holes, bumps, and grooves. Over time, this results in darkening, yellowing, and white spots.

Teeth whitening treatments are most effective at removing surface stains.

Surface stains are most commonly caused by the following foods and beverages:

  • Coffee
  • Dark tea
  • Dark soda
  • Red wine
  • Dark fruits
  • Fruit juices 

Other factors can also affect tooth color:

  • Genetics
  • Diseases
  • Medical treatments
  • Aging
  • Amalgam restorations
  • Medications, especially tetracycline
  • Tobacco use
  • Fluoride

Dark-colored foods typically cause surface stains that are deeper than those caused by lighter-colored foods.


On average, the Consumer Guide to Dentistry reports that in-office teeth whitening costs $650. In comparison, take-home trays are $400 and strips and trays are under $100.3 Prices vary based on location and office pricing. Due to the fact that insurance is not involved, there is no usual and customary fee, which is why prices vary from office to office.

Patients must search for other payment options due to the high price of cosmetic procedures. Many cosmetic dental and orthodontic offices offer different payment plans to their patients

these tips will teach you how much does teeth whitening cost with insurance.

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