tin leg travel insurance reviews

Welcome to our blog, find there the best tin leg travel insurance reviews

Squaremouth founded Tin Leg in 2014 as a leading travel insurance company. This company offers a range of travel insurance products tailored to meet the specific needs of travelers. There is also Medical Evacuation Coverage, Trip Interruption coverage, and in-demand Trip Cancellation coverage.

Looking for tin leg travel insurance reviews? Read tin leg travel reviews to see what customers think about tin leg travel coverage.


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tin leg travel insurance reviews

tin leg travel insurance reviews

Welcome to our blog, find there the best tin leg travel insurance reviews

Squaremouth founded Tin Leg in 2014 as a leading travel insurance company. This company offers a range of travel insurance products tailored to meet the specific needs of travelers. There is also Medical Evacuation Coverage, Trip Interruption coverage, and in-demand Trip Cancellation coverage.

Its luxury policy was deemed the ‘best travel insurance for seniors’ by Forbes in 2018 due to its comprehensive coverage, high medical benefits, and competitive prices. Birkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company underwrites Tin Leg’s plans and policies

We offer 24-hour emergency support from our award-winning customer support team. One of the many reasons why Tin Leg travel insurance reviews are mostly positive is their customer support.

Check out this detailed review of Tin Leg Travel Insurance for all the relevant information you might need, but if you need further assistance, you can always call them at the Tin Leg travel insurance phone number, 844-240-1233.

tin leg travel insurance reviews

Review of 

The main purpose of our review method is to give you comprehensive information about a company’s plans and policies.

There are a number of aspects and elements that help consumers decide whether or not to use a service. They include:


  • Features and types of coverage for tin legs
  • rated by insurance companies
  • Travel insurance quotes under different circumstances
  • Information on its financial stability
  • Customer support that is responsive
  • Comparative analysis of other travel insurance providers
  • Ratings and reviews from user review websites
  • Includes and excludes from coverage

Where can I buy it?

St. Petersburg, Florida, is the headquarters of Tin Leg Insurance, which provides insurance globally. The company’s service team is known internationally for its undying commitment to helping customers save money.

Tin Leg Insurance is affiliated with Squaremouth Insurance, which serves as its parent company. This multi-award-winning company was founded in 2003 and is recognized internationally as one of the best travel insurance companies with exceptional customer service.

Review of Tin Leg Travel Insurance

A variety of insurance plans and packages are offered by Tin Leg travel insurance. The following Tin Leg travel insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage for your travel insurance needs.

Plans offer a variety of coverage options. Here are some of the main benefits offered by each plan.


  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • if your trip is canceled
  • due to weather & hurricanes:
  • terrorist attacks
  • economic collapse
  • laying off of workers
  • canceling for medical reasons
  • canceling for work reasons
  • canceling for any other reason
  • medical emergencies
  • existing medical conditions
  • Deductible for Medical Care
  • when Evacuating
  • for Medical Care and Repatriation
  • Non-Medical Evacuations
  • Time Delay
  • Baggage Reception
  • Connection Missed
tin leg travel insurance reviews

Economy of Tin Legs

This is a basic travel insurance plan that covers basic risks.

Trip cancellation coverage is included in this insurance plan in the form of 100% reimbursement for cancellations and interruptions caused by weather issues or medical issues.

The policy also provides medical coverage in the event of an emergency while traveling. Despite the plan’s $20,000 medical coverage, preexisting conditions aren’t covered. Additional coverage includes $100,000 for medical evacuation, which includes cancellation for medical reasons.

Additionally, the economy policy offers compensation for lost luggage, travel delays, and baggage delays.

Tin Leg Standard

This mid-range plan is designed for travelers looking for comprehensive cancellation coverage and high medical benefits. If you’re looking for broad medical coverage and savings, Tin Leg standard is the right choice.

Trip interruption is increased to 150% in this option, and cancellation coverage for common concerns such as harsh weather conditions, terrorism, and medical issues is included.

Medical coverage includes coverage for pre-existing conditions only if it is purchased within 15 days of booking the trip. Emergency medical coverage and evacuation coverage are also included.

In contrast to the economy plan, the standard plan offers a higher level of travel interruption insurance. In addition, medical evacuation is doubled to $250,000 here.

Additional benefits include coverage for terrorism for both domestic and foreign trips, layoffs at work, and financial defaults. Lastly, this plan also provides $25,000 in identity theft coverage and $25,000 in flight-only accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

Luxury Tin Leg: 

Tin Leg travel insurance luxury is the best option if you are searching for the most comprehensive benefits of trip cancellation. Tin Leg travel insurance luxury offers comprehensive emergency medical coverage as well as travel delay benefits.

Only this plan allows cancellations due to work-related reasons alongside other types of coverage.

Its primary advantage over other plans is that its medical coverage is up to $100,000, not just secondary. Here, the medical evacuation coverage is $250,000, and the flight-only accidental death and dismemberment coverage is doubled to $50,000.

Missed connections, baggage delays, travel delays, rental car coverage, and luggage loss are additional benefits of the luxury plan.

But what is excluded?

You should know what’s covered under your travel insurance plan, but at the same time, you should also know what’s not covered. Look at Tin Leg’s exclusions.

  • The loss was caused by criminal misconduct committed by you, a family member, or another travel companion.
  • Dental treatment, unless you have accidentally damaged your teeth.
  • Travelling with the intention of receiving medical treatment.
  • Losses caused by drugs or other intoxicants other than those prescribed by a physician.
  • Emotional problems.

Review of customer satisfaction and financial strength.

Tin Leg insurance has a decent reputation, where its parent company Squaremouth deserves much of the credit.

Since Tin Leg is a relatively new company, it does not have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Squaremouth, however, has an A+ rating.

Additionally, Tin Leg’s policies are underwritten by the American Modern Insurance Group, which has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Tin leg travel insurance complaints are extremely rare, which indicates that its customers are satisfied with it. They are said to be the ‘least expensive’ for travel insurance because of their competitive pricing.

People can choose what works best for them based on comprehensive and elaborate insurance plans.

Read customer reviews here. 

Tin Leg travel insurance has excellent reviews from customers, and it is especially known for having the best customer support team among travel insurance companies.  Its website, however, does not have an FAQ page, which is a bit of an inconvenience for people.

tin leg travel insurance reviews- TOP 10

“My experience post filing a claim has been a one star. Tin Leg rejected the claim we filed and for the past week I have been trying to get to talk to someone at Tin Leg to understand why. I have made phone calls and sent an email. The response has been terrible. This is the worst experience with the company I have ever experienced. My wife and I travel a fair amount and Tin Leg has been our go to company. We have praised them publicly among our friends. But a after this experience we will probably be looking for a new company. We are so disappointed.”

Leo from CA

“had to cancel my trips twice, they agreed to change my insurance period thanks!!!!”

Maria Melani from CA


“Our claim was pushed over to Broadspire for reasons not disclosed to me. I’ve tried to file my claim and can already see the difficulties to resolve my claim! For example; I tried submitting the first seven pages required and was unable due to “file larger than 5Mb”.

Douglas from NC


“My trip was canceled and I received a full refund from my cruise line and airline. I contacted Tinleg to notify them of the cancellation and request a refund. Tinleg offered to allow me to use my policy for a future trip within two years of the original trip as long as I had no intention to file a claim. I felt this was reasonable due to the terms of the contract. Tinleg made it clear that this was not their obligation, but they understood the situation and were willing to compromise. I fully respect their decision and will make use of their time extension offer.”

Gene from CA

“They requested data that i did not have. They wanted to know the cost and terms of the air fare. The air fare was part of the total cruise package and not itemized.”

Edward from NV


“I was very glad to have my trip cancellation policy—glad also that I didn’t need it. I realized (after purchasing the policy) that I the policy had very limited coverage for the situation where I would be unable to return home due to testing positive for covid. It’s advertised as a Covid policy. Really a covid policy should cover this possibility—since a 2week quarantine in a foreign country could be seriously expensive! Fortunately I didn’t end up needing this coverage.”

Adam from OR

“I looked at the reviews for this policy for Covid coverage on Forbes site. This seemed to be the top choice, however I wish I would have looked at the fine details in regards to coverage of hotel. As not all of my hotel will be covered nor any of my meals during my quarantine.”

Ericka from WI

“Swoop Patagonia, our provider, reimbursed us most of our money. The trip was canceled by the ship operator two days prior to out trip to Antarctica. So, that is the portion they reimbursed. I do not know if your insurance reimburses for other expenses on the way down there. We went from Dallas Texas to Tierra del Fuego and it was not cheap getting there. We spent over $1800 on hotel bills alone. Let me know if you cover things like that.”

Daniel Howard from TX


“I cannot get anyone at Tin Leg to answer the telephone. I sit on hold for hours and then finally get cut off. I cannot get any response from Tin Leg to my recent emails.”

Randal from FL


“So far the customer support has been awesome. I purchased my policy pre-covid and when covid hit and cancelled my trip Tin Leg allowed me to transfer the policy to the following year. Unfortunately, this year I was on my way and already had travelled to the departure point for Antarctica however the night before departure we found out covid was on the ship and the trip was interrupted. So far the claims people have been very quick and efficient in responding. I am still awaiting the final result but it has been 5 stars all the way to this point.”

Mark from WI




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