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Goosehead Insurance is an independent insurance agency specializing in personal coverage. Personal coverage products and services are distributed throughout the United States by the Company.


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goosehead insurance reviews

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goosehead insurance reviews

goosehead insurance reviews

Goosehead Insurance, Inc. (Goosehead) is an independent insurance agency specializing in personal lines. Personal lines products and services are distributed throughout the United States by the Company. Two segments operate the company: Corporate and Franchise.

Company-owned and financed operations are part of this segment, with employees hired, trained, and managed by Goosehead. Operation owned and managed by franchisees are included in the Franchise Channel segment.

The Franchisees and Sales Agents in this channel work as employees in their franchised businesses. Among the Company’s products are homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, dwelling property insurance, flood and wind insurance, excess liability insurance, commercial lines insurance, and life insurance.

A rapidly growing independent personal lines insurance agency, Goosehead Insurance is reinventing the traditional way of distributing personal lines products and services throughout the country.

Founded on the premise that the consumer is at the center of what we do, and that everything we do is aimed at delivering exceptional value to our customers with broad products choices and a world-class customer service experience, backed by the most talented and client-focused team in the industry.

In addition to representing 140 insurance companies that underwrite personal lines and small commercial lines risks, Goosehead’s network includes nine corporate sales offices and over 1,400 operating and contracted franchises.

You’re in love with a house you found after looking at hundreds. You’ve gotten a mortgage approved, put down a down payment, and started wrapping your knick knacks in newspaper. Your next step is to find a homeowners insurance policy that meets your needs, but how do you determine if the policy is right for you?

Most people’s biggest financial investment is their home. Owning a home should be accompanied by homeowners insurance, which will protect you in case of a catastrophic loss. Is homeowners insurance right for you, and how can you tell if you have the right coverage?.


goosehead insurance reviews

Who is covered by homeowners insurance? 

The typical policy includes the following elements:

  • Coverage for your home: The physical structure of your home is covered by this portion of your policy. Dwelling coverage is normally the most expensive portion of your policy.


  • Coverage for other structures: This includes fences, driveways, detached garages, swimming pools, and other structures on your property.


  • Personal property insurance: Both when your belongings are in your home as well as when they are elsewhere, you are covered. If your laptop is stolen from your car or if a fire destroys your things in a storage unit, this will be the section of your policy that will cover those items. Items that are highly valuable may require additional coverage or a rider since they are only covered to a certain extent.


  • Insurance for loss of use: You will be covered if your home is damaged to such an extent that you cannot live there. Temporary housing will be covered while your home is being repaired.


  • Liability insurance: If someone is injured on your property or if your property damages someone else’s property, your property damage insurance will cover you. If your tree falls on your neighbor’s fence and destroys it, you will be covered under this part of your policy.


  • Health insurance: In the event of an injury on your property, medical coverage pays for medical bills, just like personal liability coverage. These types of claims typically fall within the $1,000-$10,000 range.

How much does homeowners insurance typically cost? 

Because homeowners insurance policies are tailored to your situation, there is no “standard” price. Insuring the same basic home in two different locations can result in drastically different insurance premiums. A number of factors influence homeowners insurance rates, including:
  • Age of the home: Is your home more than ten years old? Over fifty years old? Older than 200 years? The year your house was built can affect the price of your homeowner’s insurance.
  • materials and safety features include: Did you build it with bricks? Is it wood? Is it covered in aluminum siding? These factors will affect your insurance rates.
  • Address: It’s not just about states or ZIP codes when it comes to location; it’s also about things like the closest fire station or whether you’re in a flood zone.
  • Trampolines, pools, and more: Your insurance premium is likely to increase if you have structures on your property that may pose a liability risk, such as a pool, trampoline, hot tub, etc.
  • Luxuries: Art, jewelry, weapons, and collections of all kinds increase your insurance rates if they require an add-on.
  • Your credit score If you improve your credit rating, you can also save money on your insurance.

Which homeowners insurance policy would you recommend? 

Homeowners insurance coverage should be unique to you, otherwise it will not suit your needs. Comparing multiple quotes from different insurance companies is the best way to choose the best homeowners insurance plan.
Plan features, such as coverage levels, premiums, deductibles, and so on, can influence how well they meet your needs.
No matter how much experience you have with insurance, having an expert review your policy can be helpful to answer any questions you may have. You can count on our insurance experts at Goosehead Insurance to find you the perfect policy.

What is the appropriate amount of home insurance for me? 

When considering how much insurance you need, there are several factors to consider. Is your wine collection so valuable that you need a separate insurance policy?

Do you have a pool or hot tub at home? Are you interested in coverage for things like identity theft or water backup? By knowing what you need in a policy, you can determine how much coverage you need.

You may be able to increase your coverage limits or add additional coverage for a few dollars more on your annual premium.

Discuss your options with a professional before making a final choice. To figure out how much homeowner’s insurance you need, you can use an online calculator or talk to an expert.

goosehead insurance reviews

Is it possible to lower my home insurance rates? 

Just because you need insurance coverage does not mean you have to pay a fortune. Some ways to reduce the cost of your insurance include:
  • Comparing multiple quotes: The only way to ensure that you aren’t missing out on a better deal is to compare quotes from multiple insurance companies.
  • Bundling your insurance policies: If you have multiple insurance policies (home, auto, etc. ), using one insurance company can save you a significant amount of money. Goosehead Insurance offers competitive bundle discounts for customers carrying multiple lines of business. This allows you to choose the best policies for your business without sacrificing your discount.
  • Check for discounts: Many companies offer discounts to their customers. Veterans, seniors, and students may be eligible for discounts, while modernized plumbing and electrical systems or deadbolt locks may also earn you a discount.
  • Enhance your home’s safety: Your insurance company may offer you a discount if you protect your property with storm windows or a home security system.
  • Raise your deductibles: If you are willing to bear a little more of the costs in the event of a claim, you can reduce your premiums. You can save quite a bit on insurance if you increase your deductible from $500 to $1,000 or more. Before you increase your deductible, make sure you have the money to cover it.

Homeowners insurance that is cheap isn’t always the best type of policy, so don’t choose your policy solely because it is the cheapest.

In 1752, Ben Franklin co-founded the Philadelphia Contributionship, the first insurance company in the United States.

goosehead insurance reviews- TOP 10 

“Had a terrible experience with this company. We had 3 different agents give us 3 very different quotes for homeowners insurance. It seemed as if nobody was on the same page. Very disorganized and will not be using for future insurance needs.”

Kyle Callahan

” Grant Sheets is awesome!!
He was friendly, efficient and caring.
He found us a amazing deal for our new house. He was also super easy to get a hold of and answered all my questions and made it incredibly easy to understand. So glad I found grant and looking forward to him always finding great deals for our families needs. “

Kayce Holder

” The representative that just called me from Goosehead insurance had no integrity. They called my family business DURING working hours to recruit a key family member for working for them. What nerve!”

Angela Donaldson

Terrible experience. Signed me up with company that cancelled me. Told me “wasn’t going to be cancelled. Will be good for a year” I have the proof in text. Then I get 24 hours to pick an insurance or I’m in default of my mortgage. Had to accept. Now… 3 months later.. I’m finding out I have no insurance. Have HAD no insurance.

Customer service line… a joke. I got the feeling with multiple pple… they’re done with me. They signed me and everything is “you need to speak to this company… then it’s my mortgage company. Everyone says it was all in the write up. Idk what’s going on but I know if I hadn’t chosen goose head, I’m willing to bet marbles to chalk, I would have been signed with proper insurance companies for my home.
I’ve learned my lesson with goose head. I’ll be surprised if this review stays up. I’ll be checking .. snap shot taken”

Tony Hernandez

“They are the worst. They never answer the phone, never get back to you, never communicate, and end up costing you way more than you will save going through a broker. Save yourself a ton of time and headache and just make a couple of calls yourself to get insurance from the source.”
Daniel F

“Even after reading the bad reviews, I gave them a chance. I haven’t had any issues yet they have been nothing but helpful. After reading some of the reviews it sounds like growing pains they are growing fast over there.”

Ryan N
“Purchased my home in October 2016 and Goosehead insurance was recommended by my loan officer, whom I trusted and didn’t practice due diligence. Every single year my premium would keep increasing and I would reach out to them about it. Each time they made all kind of excuses for the increase. Finally this year the agent provided a link that shows price comparison with different companies. I qualify for a premium of $1,700 with Wellington but when I reach out to my agent he inform me that was inaccurate. He stated after reviewing more details the best he can offer me is $3,400. Mind you my premium has been increasing several hundred every year. I decided to get a quote from my auto insurance and guess what? My premium is $1,700. The agent didn’t do anything to help with this. Nor did he care that he is losing a customer. I stayed with this company for 5 years and each year they gave me the run arounds. They kept me with Cypress Insurance at a higher premium when I qualify for much lower premium. I lost thousands of dollars because I trusted them. Anger does not describe how I feel. This is one hard lesson I’ve had to swallow. Please please please be careful when choosing this company. They seem nice and all but they do not care for their customer. Maybe, I just an agent that doesn’t care about his clients. I tried to leave a reviews on Goosehead but there isn’t an option so I don’t trust the reviews.”
Apple tree
“Went with them for commercial auto insurance they did initial paperwork wrong now my policy that I was paying on for 4 months jumped up 1300 dollars and then 500 extra a month. I would have not started this business if I would have gotten the right quote in the beginning I feel like they should have done there job right or don’t sell commercial insurance.”

Derrick F


“Horrible Horrible They cancelled my policy a year after I had it A YEAR after they took payment then waited a year to BACK DATE cancellation which made me have to get a policy to cover that already past year did not reach out to tell me anything during that time not a word they still got my money but I was not insured Did not find out till a YEAR later when it was time to reup my policy what kind of service is that I want my money back I don’t feel a broker should keep a commision on a deal like that It is Horrible.”

Victor R


“They are impossible to work with! You cannot get ahold of an agent, you try to contact support and they give you the same answer and then end the chat. It’s very frustrating. Especially as I work with them on behalf of mutual clients. 0/10 wouldn’t recommend”

Sierra S.


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7 reviews for goosehead insurance reviews

  1. Avatar

    Stephanie Marie-Ann Taylor

    I went through a very abusive and traumatic relationship in which my boyfriend used me to pay for all his stuff. When I contacted Goosehead to have me removed off of his policy, they refused. When I asked for my banking info to be deleted so he couldn’t abuse me for my money, they refused. Now I am out over $1500 and my ex still haunts me with stuff like this…still in control over me in the worst way emotionally and financially. Thanks, Goosehead, you’ve lost yourself a customer…if you’ll let me leave.

  2. Avatar

    Olakunle Israel

    Requested proof of insurance cards, it took 2 business days to receive. The carrier has a website that I could easily print, but Goosehead has passwords that they will not share and could have been done easily in 5 minutes. Disappointed that something so simple took so long.

  3. Avatar

    Derick Frimpong

    Had a terrible experience with this company. We had 3 different agents give us 3 very different quotes for homeowners insurance. It seemed as if nobody was on the same page. Very disorganized and will not be using for future insurance needs.

  4. Avatar

    Joshua Castro

    He was friendly, efficient and caring.
    He found us a amazing deal for our new house. He was also super easy to get a hold of and answered all my questions and made it incredibly easy to understand. So glad I found grant and looking forward to him always finding great deals for our families needs.

  5. Avatar

    Sidney RB Martinez

    Shanna is the best. She helps me in every way possible. Super easy to work with and easy to reach. Would recommend to anyone.

  6. catam16


    Had a terrible experience with this company. We had 3 different agents give us 3 very different quotes for homeowners insurance. It seemed as if nobody was on the same page. Very disorganized and will not be using for future insurance needs.

  7. Avatar

    Mary Rubines

    I have been a Goosehead Customer since I bought my fourth house in 2017. Goosehead is a wonderful Insurance broker, sadly the agent representing Goosehead Insurance was very incompetent and horrible customer service with no honest work ethics. The Agent’s name is Pinto Insurance Agency, Inc., and the Agent’s name is: Mike Pinto or Michael Pinto. address: 9830 SW 77 Avenue, Suite 200, Miami, Florida 33156. I have cancelled my insurance with the Pinto Insurance Agency under the Goosehead Insurance because they are horrible with the customers they never return calls and they lie about the polies they get their customers. I am so upset with the Pinto Insurance Agency. I will never recommend anyone. I had some of family and friends that I had referred to the Pinto Insurance Agency and they are all leaving because of the lack of support and the horrible customer service they provide. Goosehead is wonderful!!!

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