ladder life insurance reviews- TOP 10 REVIEWS

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Ladder Life offers a unique insurance experience, and it appeals to individuals who prefer digital insurance. The company does, however, have its strengths and weaknesses. Explore the life insurance policies from Ladder to see if it’s a good fit for you


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ladder life insurance reviews- TOP 10 REVIEWS

ladder life insurance reviews

Welcome to our blog, find there the best ladder life insurance reviews

As you change your financial situation, you can “ladder” (decrease or increase) your coverage limits with ladder, a unique insurance company. There are no riders available for this coverage, and it is only available as term life coverage.

The ladder life insurance company (Ladder) offers customized term insurance policies for people ages 20-60. A ladder policy offers high coverage limits at affordable prices for young, healthy people, and since you’ll be able to reduce your coverage later, you could save money compared to a traditional policy. Ladder is not the best option for seniors, people with health problems, or applicants looking for a small policy.

We researched Ladder’s financial stability ratings, customer satisfaction reputation, policy options, website tools, and more to compare Ladder’s life insurance policies with those of their competitors. Read on to see our full findings so you can decide if Ladder is right for you.

ladder life insurance reviews

The company overview

Ladder is a new provider in the insurtech sector, but its policies are underwritten by providers. These companies have excellent financial strength ratings and plenty of industry experience: Allianz Life, which writes ladder policies in New York, has been in business since 1896, and Fidelity Security Life, which writes ladder policies in other states, was founded in 1957.

In order to get a quote on the Ladder, you need to answer a few health questions. These will help determine whether you are eligible for a quote without a medical exam, require a health check, or are ineligible. If you need a medical checkup, Ladder will send a technician to your home or office for no charge. You can purchase your policy entirely online from there. There are also a few customer service options: you can send an email, use live chat, or contact a representative by phone.

Available Planes

It offers only one life insurance product, but it can be customized for your needs. You can also reduce your coverage at any time to save on premiums. After you pay off your mortgage, you might not need such a large death benefit. As an alternative, if you need more coverage after a major change such as the birth of a child, you can upgrade your policy.

Term Life Insurance Quote

A term life insurance policy is designed to provide a death benefit in case the policyholder dies within a specified period, typically during a time when the insured’s death would place an undue financial burden on their dependents. For example, you can purchase a term life insurance policy to cover a child’s college expenses or until the mortgage is paid off.

With Ladder policies, you can choose a face value of $100,000 to $8 million, which is more coverage than is usually available without a medical exam. You can choose a term of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. Any time during the term, you can login to your account to increase or decrease your coverage. If you move up, your additional coverage may be priced differently from your existing coverage, but if you move down, your premium will decrease in proportion to the decrease in face value.

Ladder offers policies to applicants between the ages of 20 and 60 and the applicant’s age plus the term length cannot exceed 70 years. Many applicants can get coverage without a medical exam, but a health check may also be required based on the answers they give to the initial health questions.


During the life of a ladder term policy, you can save money by reducing the coverage as your financial responsibilities change. When your mortgage is paid off and your children have graduated, you can move down to a lower premium.

Contact customer service:

You have the following options if you need to contact customer support:

  • send an email to [email protected]
  • Please use the live chat feature Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to a a 5 p.m. PST
  • Fidelity Security Life can be reached at (800) 648-8624
  • To notify Ladder of an email address change, please email [email protected] or notify us by mail

Satisfied customers: overall good reputation

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) records complaints about insurers to calculate a score showing whether the company received more or fewer complaints than expected given its size. Fidelity Security Life, which writes ladder policies in most states, has an above-average number of complaints with the NAIC for a company of its size, with an overall rating of 8.26.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that the provider occupies a small share of the market, as this was the result of two complaints in 2020. Ladder policies are written by Allianz Life Insurance Company in New York. There were six complaints and a 0.34 index.

ladder is not ranked in the 2020 US Life Insurance Study by J.D. Power. However, customer service reviews on third-party websites are excellent, beating many competitors. Our customers are particularly pleased with the ease of the application process.

Affordability for people in good health

Although premiums will be based on factors such as health, age, and gender, our sample quotes were about the same as other providers for young people in good health. As an example, a 35-year-old non-smoker would pay just $1.32/day for a 20-year term policy with $1 million in ladder coverage. At Haven, a similar policy would cost at least $37.23/month, and at Ethos, at least $50.

Compared to the competition, premiums were a bit higher for seniors purchasing smaller policies. In the example above, a 50-year-old non-smoker purchasing a $100,000 10-year policy could pay $0.89/day at Ladder but might pay as little as $17.92 at Haven or $19 at Ethos.

Additionally, high-risk applicants, such as smokers and people with a family history of diabetes, pay higher premiums at Ladder than at other providers. A 40-year-old cigarette smoker would pay $1.51/day for a 20-year policy with $100,000 of coverage at Ladder, but only $38.01 at Haven and $20 at Ethos. (Please note that rates differ by location.)


Ladder’s online starting quotes are estimates only; you will need more information, including your personal contact information, to determine your exact premium.

In conclusion, ladder life insurance reviews

The most unique aspect of Ladder’s term policy is that you can get up to $8 million in face value, possibly without a medical exam, and adjust the coverage to meet your needs in the future. Ladder may be an ideal option for young people seeking a flexible term policy with a multimillion dollar death benefit. However, Ladder is not the best choice for seniors, smokers, or people looking for optional discounts or discount packages. Also, those looking for permanent policies should look elsewhere.

Ladder’s financial strength and reputation for customer satisfaction are strong, and customer service reviews on third-party sites are very good, but the company does not appear in U.S. magazine. U.S. magazine. American magazine Life 2020 by J.D. Power. Study on insurance. Comparatively, some of the Ladder’s competitors perform better in terms of financial strength ratings and complaint data. Ladder may still be one of the top contenders for people looking for a high-value policy with simplified underwriting.

Ladder life insurance reviews top 10

“So very easy. I loved the process…very streamlined.”

Rick Abbott

“Fast and easy!!! Literally the easiest experience I’ve ever had when purchasing life insurance. I was able to get a hefty policy for next to nothing. You do have to set up a time to talk with someone but don’t let this scare you. It took less than 5 minutes. So easy. I would most definitely recommend Ladder if you are in the market for life insurance. Just knowing my loved ones are taken care of when I’m gone gives me such a peace of mind.”

Michaela B


“What can I say, Janette was really helpful when it came with me asking questions. Now I could sit back and have some peace of mind. Knowing that my family are safe if anything happens to me.”

Adrian Andrade


“I really loved how easy the process was but, with just 30 minute more on the phone, I was able to get A LOT more coverage with a lower monthly payment from another company.”



“I would really love it if they would have a representative call and check in with customer to see if there is anything they can help with once life insurance is activated..”

Luz D.


“This was the most simplest thing ever !!!! Love it”

Jazmine R.


“Ladder was super easy to sign up for and provided me with the ease of selecting the exact amount of coverage I want and the monthly premiums to match”

Andre N.


“Easy to get approved. Especially as a young person – I’m 23 and it took me less than a week”



“Easy process and very well designed/explained.”

Fabiano f.


“Everything was concise and easy. Michael, the insurance agent, was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. Ladder should implement a program to track your application, other than that application process was great!”



“My experience was smooth. Its good to know my loved ones will struggle less should anything happen to me. We just don’t know when our time is up.”

Danielle Y.


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7 reviews for ladder life insurance reviews- TOP 10 REVIEWS

  1. Avatar

    Michaela B

    Fast and easy!!! Literally the easiest experience I’ve ever had when purchasing life insurance. I was able to get a hefty policy for next to nothing. You do have to set up a time to talk with someone but don’t let this scare you. It took less than 5 minutes. So easy. I would most definitely recommend Ladder if you are in the market for life insurance. Just knowing my loved ones are taken care of when I’m gone gives me such a peace of mind.

  2. Avatar


    Easy, affordable, and pleasant experience.

  3. Avatar

    Paul L

    Quick. Easy. Simple. GREAT product.

  4. Avatar

    maurice c.

    Easy to get approved. Especially as a young person – I’m 23 and it took me less than a week

  5. Avatar

    Ronnie J.

    So far So good
    I feel that it was very easy with no pressure from customer service (don’t take it wrong way. Customer Service is always needed and for most part there to help) to purchase anything. I reckon my best analysis would be it wasn’t like buying a car. Salesman breathing down my neck pushing me pushing me. Ladder life insurance was really great and customer service was only a click away if I needed them. I’ve been wanting some extra life insurance for my family in case something happened to me. And Ladder proved to be it. Thank you for being on my Varo account page when I needed to see it. I definitely would recommend Ladder to anyone that’s considering extra life insurance or just first time buyer. Good coverage with decent premiums.. Again thank you Ladder for being there when I needed

  6. Avatar

    Rick Abbott

    So very easy. I loved the process…very streamlined.

  7. Avatar

    Kristina H.

    So easy and convenient
    Ladder couldn’t have been easier to use. The only bummer was that my quote came back quite a bit higher than the initial quote at the very beginning.

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